How long have you been working as photographers?

We roughly started professional photography 7 years ago. Coming from fashion and portrait backgrounds, transcending into wedding photography. After so many years working on the technical side (fashion photography). We are seeking emotions. By using those skills, we crafted over the years we are able to transform images into great memories. Two creatives, who will never stop perusing greater goals.

What is the style of your photography?

Our Wedding photography is genuine. There is not a lot posing involved, but more tips and directions to get better images under certain circumstances. We believe, that the unscripted way of showing your wedding story is the best and more enjoyable at that is why we call them stories.. It’s all about the whirlwind of the moment, joy, crying and all the smiles. We will do our very best to capture it. Yet you cannot predict everything that will happen and that is the true beauty of it. The only thing we would tell you is… Let it go, have fun and enjoy every moment with your loved ones and close friends. We will be there to capture your story as it unfolds.

What equipment do you use?

We are perfectionists, always improving skills and investing in latest equipment. Canon and Nikon are cameras we use. Prime lenses, because we believe to deliver the best quality for our friends the newlyweds🙂 We need professional tools 🙂 Passion creates the best moments.

Can we meet you before making the booking?

ABSOLUTELY, it is very important to meet your wedding photographers and not only. Firstly, we will get to know each other. It would probably be one of the most important days of your lives. All you need is having people who you can really trust. Secondly, it is amazing meeting new people, we drink coffee, so at our meeting this is a must. Latte, not too hot 😛 We understand, that sometimes due to personal/work commitments it is quite difficult to arrange meetings, but we will try our best to make it happen. In extreme cases, we can even SKYPE.

Do you require a meal on the day?

Yes please, it would be very kind if a meal is provided.

Do you provide wedding albums?

YES! Of course, we believe albums are a big part of the entire ritual. Call us old-fashioned, but there is something so romantic, when you can sit down with your loved ones and look through all of those memories and physically feel them. We have a range of gorgeous fine-art albums. We always bring them to show you what are your options.

I am camera shy… can u help?

Yes, after many years in portrait photography right now our only tip would be… Relax and trust us. After taking pictures of so many amazing people we can say that we have learned how to make you feel comfortable in front of a camera. Even if you never required professional photography before, we will make sure you will feel like you are just out with your friends taking pictures.

A great way of minimizing it would be a small session of couple/engagement photo shoot done. Natural and relaxed, we all get a chance to bond more and learn from each other. It would be safe to say, that we are all getting ready as a team for THE BIG DAY.

Do you travel?

YES YES YES. We love to travel. Destination weddings are a big LOVE of ours ! For such we would require accommodation (1day and 1 day after)/flights/transport covered apart from photography. If the Wedding is within 25 miles radius from London, then transport is free. If it is more than 25 miles, than there is just small fuel cost added.

When will the photos be ready?

Would you like to wait long? Of course, No. We will do our best to have photographs ready within 3 weeks after the awesome wedding, as well as your album layout. You will also get an amazing slide show of the highlight moments.

What happens if you are ill or can’t make it to our wedding?

It has never happened before and even with a fever we will be there. For such circumstances like serious health problems or similar, we would always designate photographers who we trust and have a similar style to cover the wedding.

And remember there is always two of us.

Are you insured?

Yes, we do have public liability insurances.