Hello again, 

We are glad that you are interested in knowing Us a little bit more.

J&B Wedding photography LTD is a registered business ( Company Number 11096633 ) 

The love of photographing people is what made US come together , we both worked in portrait and fashion photography for over 6 years. But there was always something missing… and Weddings seems like the perfect answer, why ?

We love the amazing photographic opportunities offered by the positive energy of the day, happy people, the emotions, the gorgeous outfits, the beautiful venues,  and overall such a great vibe, filled with love and friendship.

So, without further ado, we would love to present ourselves. 


My name is BARTOSZ!

I’ve been asked to write about myself, but what to tell you in few sentences? I am an ordinary and happy guy with grey hair. Any facts about me? I’ve graduated the university in HR, and I am really in love. What am I passionate about? What do I love? First of all, my amazing girlfriend, who will be my wife next year. The second thing would be the photography, which she complains that I spend too much time on. I was born in Poland and I did not see myself living there, so I’ve decided to pursue my dreams in London. What are my goals? There are few, one is to have a happy family with two children. The second one is to carry on s enjoying my work linked to the wedding photography.


Apart from my devotion to photography, I’m passionate about movies. As a child, I used to go to the cinema, these days it is all about Netflix. It became a habit to watch series before bed. This passion expanded my creative side of photography. This highly inspires me during the moments I capture on a wedding celebration.


Wedding Photography… Weddings are always unique and each celebration is exceptional. Emotions will flow, there will be joy and people would happily shed in tears. The way James and I want to show it is the honest and unscripted way. No posing (only if you ask ?? ). Relying on the spontaneous side of the day. The biggest complement we can get is when the couples mention being overwhelmed with the captured moments. Sometimes they did not even notice we were just there.

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My name is, JAMES!

I was born in the Philippines; of an Irish father. I grew up in Italy. I have been living in the UK for almost 11 years now. The biggest positive of the industry is the fact, that most of us started doing it as a hobby. Same thing happened to me. This passion turned out to be full-time job ever since 2010. Can you ask for more?

About 3 years ago I met Bartosz, who was my wedding photographer in Warsaw. At the time, my work was based on the fashion and portrait photography. We have later decided to join our forces and fill the lacking space in the wedding industry. Perhaps, it was something more than an ordinary service. Not just simple photographers, nor a photographer with an assistant, but two passionate wedding photographers!

What  I love… 

As a married man and a father, I can’t say how much I love my family. My little boy is about to turn 2 years old and it’s been a wild ride so far. The amazing and positive energy he gives to me inspiring me very much so. On the other hand, there is my partner, who is such a supportive and wonderful person, that I feel so LUCKY to call MY WIFE.

Vintage and custom motorbikes are probably the number one on the list of things I love to do. My hobby is to search for the right bike. Buying the parts and building them is a really fun process. It helps to improve my creativity and inspires me to visualize something that is beautiful, but not visible (until is rebuilt).If you are into motorbikes you know exactly what I mean. If custom vintage bikes are your thing, we definitely need to have a ride together!


Things I’d love to do if I had the time…

I wish I spend more time in nature. Possibly lasting more than 3 days. All of that with, no phones, no internet and taking loads of pictures. Patterns of the nature are so powerful, making me want to experiment and create different textures. By being influenced by them, I bring them into my photography.

Finally, why I do what I do…

Photography is not just a passion of mine, it is a lifestyle. What I personally get out if it is: meeting great people, opening their homes and hearts to me and letting me be creative. In addition, the most amazing part is just being next to them in one of the most important days of their life. That is such an honor, not a job.

I never call people who I photograph ‘customers’ or ‘clients’. I like to get more personal and individual. My idea of it is a dialogue. One person talks and the other one listens and vice versa. This way a very good friendship is formed.

What do next ? 

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