Wedding day!!! Daryna and Rahim


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This wedding between Daryna and Rahim is a true and pure bliss, the couple was so exceptional and adorably dressed. They dropped off their differences and culture and gave up on all other things for their love and they have decided to become united as husband and wife and they have also decided to become one.

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The bride who is from Ukraine is a gorgeous and beautiful woman with a loving and captivating smile that is capable of sending a cold chill down the spine of every young man who knows a good thing. She has left everything behind including her culture to spent the rest of her days with this handsome young man. The groom also has left his background and culture and has come to conclusion to settle with this woman. He is from India and they have decided to be the best couple to ever wed on earth. They both left their difference and their culture and come together as one. These two lovebirds met in Ukraine and featured here is their second wedding.

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The venue for this couple’s wedding was amazing!

The wedding was hosted in London, Millennium Hotel, the heart of the United Kingdom which is also known as the Knightsbridge Hotel.

This is the best place for all your event and that is why this couple has chosen this place for their wedding ceremony.

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This charming and beautiful environment is located in the heart of one of London’s most prestigious districts, the 4-star deluxe Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge combines modern elegance with an exclusive Sloane Street location. With 222 guestrooms, the award-winning Cantonese restaurant Le Chinois, classic Lebanese cuisine at Tangerine Cafe and Bar, The hotel is surrounded by world-famous boutiques, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton.

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The team arranging and planning this event are awesome and professionals, from the event planner to the sound producers and everyone involved in the process of the wedding. The event was amazing.

J&B Wedding photography London Shannon and Sean

Wedding day !!! Shannon and Sean

Wedding date 18/11/2017

Morden London

We were the luckiest wedding photographers this November, guess why? We got to document the wedding day of the happiest couple who happened to be beautiful Shannon from Canada and tall-jovial Sean from South Africa.

They got engaged in Sri Lanka and got married at Merton Council on the outskirts of gorgeous Morden Park.

A themed wedding, The Wild Wild West in London ! Even though you couldn’t be there physically, the outcome was so fabulous, and this spoke highly of us. Scrolling through the entire album, you get to realize that the wedding was superb, the captions explain it all.


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All those who were invited were contented from their various angles of view thus excitement without any disappointments, which was our set target that is everyone leaves excited. The pictures portray the couple and the others as happy with broad smiles on their face which proves the high level of excitement.

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In as much as the weather wasn’t conducive enough, it never altered even a single thing that contributed to the outcome of the wedding. We managed to devise alternative methods and creative techniques to counter the obstacles.
Also, our modern equipment that is adjustable to any weather condition played a vital role in enabling us to take pictures in the cloudy and rainy conditions.

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Our team of skilled personnel with good experience in the field of wedding contributed greatly to make Shannon and Sean’s wedding successful, a day that they and the invited individuals will live to remember.

J&B Wedding Photography

Warsaw photo-walk

We are at the end of the Wedding/engagement season, we do still have 4 more weddings before the end of 2017.

While visiting family abroad we managed to work on a photo-walk session despite the really cold weather that is hitting Poland, a bit to early this year.

We really hoped for the snow but it didn’t show up, yet still in 1 hr session we did manage to bring home some really sweet images of this gorgeous couple.

Was really important ( or maybe for us, living in another city ) to showcase the real vibe of Warsaw on that exact day.

Here our favorite 3 images of this photo-walk in Warsaw.


J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-14
Palace of culture
J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-17
Warsaw tram
J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-23


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Exciting meeting !!!


After the photo shoot session we had a fantastic meeting with another Polish couple.

We met at Hala Koszyki, was the first time we went there and it was a really cool spot.



After almost 20 minutes in to our conversation… we already loved them !!!

The venue they’ve chosen looks amazing. They are so cool and we felt that there was a great vibe and communication. We can’t wait to document their fantastic wedding next October. ( SNOW SNOW SNOW )

That is all we can disclose for now 😛

Here is a snapshot of  Ivona’s engagement ring.

Congratulations to Ivona and Marcin !!!

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Importance of Photography in Weddings

All wedding ceremonies cannot go un-captured. Due to this, there is a need for photography during wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremony photography involves capturing all the occurrences on that special day. For a good and outstanding capture, photography should, therefore, ensure excellent exposure settings and avoid too much noise which might interfere with video recording. Wedding photography involves two parts; the video shooting part and the photo taking session. There is no restriction of photography to the type of wedding. All types of the wedding are it a religious wedding, beach wedding, garden weddings or any other type of wedding. It is always important to look for the best photographer and discusses with them on what you would like concerning photography section of your wedding. In other cases, you may choose to assign one of your family members to work with the photographer.

Wedding bride preparations

Some of the importance of taking photographs during a wedding is for remembrance. Photography forms the basis of wedding day memories as they are among the tangible things one can keep after the wedding ceremony. This will make the couples to keep treasury, the photographs that they treasure for many years as long as they are still alive and even share with coming generations. Additionally, photographs help in keeping in touch with our friends and relatives. In contemporary society, in it is very rare to keep in touch with relatives and friends due to many reasons. Photography, therefore, helps us in keeping in touch with them through looking at pictures after the wedding. The wedding is not only a union of two people, but it is also a union of two families with relatives and friends.

Wedding photography London

Photography, therefore, helps one in acknowledging the presence of the unifying families and friends in future even after the ceremony.   After the ceremony, couples may be forced to stay away from each other due to reasons such as employment. Pictures were taken during the wedding, therefore, are of importance to help the couples emotionally attached. Photography is, therefore, an important activity on a wedding day. During wedding preparations, after completing packing everything for the ceremony, it is important to look for a professional photographer who will keep the wedding memories for the couples regarding taking photographs as well as capturing the wedding occasion. During weddings, the couples are always busy and cannot have all the events in memory, so photographs help them in following all the wedding proceedings.

Wedding photos of brides

Wedding Photography for everyone !!!

Ever wondered why some wedding ceremonies are just so fabulous to the extent of making history? Scrolling through Instagram and other social media, most of the trending weddings look more or less similar, but if you observe keenly, you will realize that the photographers make tiny changes every season with much greater outcomes. Trends keep on varying, they come and go, but you should go for whatever makes you glad, all that is problem-solving all way around.


The services that we offer cut to everyone despite the differences in taste regarding color combination, decorations amongst other factors that bring up the fanciness.
We make certain that every person achieves satisfaction, both the couples getting married and the other persons attending the wedding ceremony.

We ensure this goal is achieved by considering a variety of factors; accepting all races from varied nations, different social status, both the high and the low, different venues according to the choosing of the concerned parties, and we accept any wedding, be it civil or religious, without limiting any denomination. Furthermore, the weather is not a stumbling block to us, be it rainy or cloudy, we still conduct our photography business as usual without any hindrance and what is so encouraging is that the outcome of the process is still sumptuous.


Wedding photography or videography involves the whole process of taking photographs of the couple before the marriage together with coverage of the wedding and the reception; there are two major approaches to wedding photography, namely; the traditional and the photo journalistic approach. The former entails the ancient methods that were used where individuals pose after which they are captured, nevertheless, some specific lights or background images are put in place before the caption such that the pictures or videos are perfect. The latter is the method where the photographer takes pictures or videos at any given time without considering the posture or the environment that forms the background of such caption, usually continuous, from the preparation through to the end of the entire wedding ceremony. Choosing a high-skilled flexible photographer with modern and powerful machines that have a backup system means a memorable wedding.


We observe all business protocols, etiquette, and moral principles are our major concerns. The high-quality services that we offer at affordable costs are the reasons why we maintain our valued customers and attract new ones via snowball method of “Tell a friend to tell a friend.”

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