Wedding day!!! Daryna and Rahim


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This wedding between Daryna and Rahim is a true and pure bliss, the couple was so exceptional and adorably dressed. They dropped off their differences and culture and gave up on all other things for their love and they have decided to become united as husband and wife and they have also decided to become one.

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The bride who is from Ukraine is a gorgeous and beautiful woman with a loving and captivating smile that is capable of sending a cold chill down the spine of every young man who knows a good thing. She has left everything behind including her culture to spent the rest of her days with this handsome young man. The groom also has left his background and culture and has come to conclusion to settle with this woman. He is from India and they have decided to be the best couple to ever wed on earth. They both left their difference and their culture and come together as one. These two lovebirds met in Ukraine and featured here is their second wedding.

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The venue for this couple’s wedding was amazing!

The wedding was hosted in London, Millennium Hotel, the heart of the United Kingdom which is also known as the Knightsbridge Hotel.

This is the best place for all your event and that is why this couple has chosen this place for their wedding ceremony.

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This charming and beautiful environment is located in the heart of one of London’s most prestigious districts, the 4-star deluxe Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge combines modern elegance with an exclusive Sloane Street location. With 222 guestrooms, the award-winning Cantonese restaurant Le Chinois, classic Lebanese cuisine at Tangerine Cafe and Bar, The hotel is surrounded by world-famous boutiques, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton.

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The team arranging and planning this event are awesome and professionals, from the event planner to the sound producers and everyone involved in the process of the wedding. The event was amazing.

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