Warsaw photo-walk

We are at the end of the Wedding/engagement season, we do still have 4 more weddings before the end of 2017.

While visiting family abroad we managed to work on a photo-walk session despite the really cold weather that is hitting Poland, a bit to early this year.

We really hoped for the snow but it didn’t show up, yet still in 1 hr session we did manage to bring home some really sweet images of this gorgeous couple.

Was really important ( or maybe for us, living in another city ) to showcase the real vibe of Warsaw on that exact day.

Here our favorite 3 images of this photo-walk in Warsaw.


J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-14
Palace of culture
J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-17
Warsaw tram
J&B Wedding photography Kasia & Michal Warsaw walk-23


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Exciting meeting !!!


After the photo shoot session we had a fantastic meeting with another Polish couple.

We met at Hala Koszyki, was the first time we went there and it was a really cool spot.



After almost 20 minutes in to our conversation… we already loved them !!!

The venue they’ve chosen looks amazing. They are so cool and we felt that there was a great vibe and communication. We can’t wait to document their fantastic wedding next October. ( SNOW SNOW SNOW )

That is all we can disclose for now 😛

Here is a snapshot of  Ivona’s engagement ring.

Congratulations to Ivona and Marcin !!!

J&B Wedding photography Iwona and Marcin  Warsaw.jpg

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